Trouble Shooting Guides for H2o Labs Models 700E and 1000E:

Unit does not come on:

  1. Check to see if the power switch is on and unit is plugged in.
  2. Check household breakers.
  3. Make sure source water valve is open.
  4. Check if fuse is blown. If necessary, replace with 240V AC 10 Amp. Fuse.
  5. Check to see if fan is clogged with dust preventing fan from rotating.
  6. Check the 2 sensor inductors, (one long and one short), hanging from the cover of the boiler to see if they are clogged with scale.

Water Leaking:

  1. Check all water line fittings and tighten if necessary.
  2. Make sure Activated Charcoal Post-Filter Cup is positioned properly.
  3. Check to see if the tube bringing water into the cup is positioned correctly or if it is cracked or leaking.
  4. If water is leaking from the dispenser, tighten the fitting above the blue handle, or tighten the faucet assembly to the storage tank.
  5. If the boiling tank drain valve is leaking, and sufficiently tight, it is most likely due to a worn out rubber ring on the rotating shaft. Simply replace the rubber ring with a new one.

Water continues to fill boiling tank when full:

  1. The source water is too pure, (distilled or reverse osmosis, etc.) Use only tap water to fill the boiling chamber or the conductivity of the water will not allow the electronic sensors to operate properly.
  2. Verify sensor wires are connected securely or replace solenoid.

Unit makes a continuous clicking sound:

  1. Boiler sensors are not synchronized. Verify that the red wire is connected to the SHORT sensor paddle and the blue wire is connected to the LONG sensor paddle. Open the boiler lid and while holding it, turn the unit on and touch each sensor to the stainless steel tank. Do this repeatedly until the long sensor does not have any effect. (Only the short sensor should shut the water off and trigger the fan to start.) Operation of the unit should now be normalized without the continuous clicking sound.

Testing of the distilled water indicates it is not pure:

  1. Undistilled water over-flowing from boiler to reservoir. (See above “Water continues to fill boiling tank when full.”)
  2. Activated charcoal dust has been allowed to enter the holding tank. Empty and rinse post-filter cup and holding tank well. Allow to dry completely, run a 2nd cycle and retest.
  3. Sensor paddles in boiling tank are dirty. Fill boiling tank with white distilled vinegar or citric acid solution and allow to soak for a few hours depending on how much scale is present. Drain boiling tank and clean residue from the paddles. Empty the holding tank and allow to dry completely. Run one complete cycle and empty again. Run the 2nd cycle and retest the water.
  4. If the distilled water continues to indicate lack of purity, the solenoid may be sticking due to particles lodging inside it. Replace solenoid if above suggestions do not resolve the purity issue.

If the above suggestions do not solve the problem, DO NOT ATTEMPT to conduct other repairs yourself. Call Technical Support or contact a serviceman to check and repair.