H2oLabs Home Water Systems are SUPERIOR to all others - GUARANTEED!

PUREST WATER GUARANTEED! H2oLabs systems produce the PUREST WATER that is possible to make. No other method of home water purification or filtration, (even Reverse Osmosis), is as effective. Take the PUREST WATER CHALLENGE - Process any bottled or filtered water using your H2o Labs System and you will be amazed when you see the remaining contaminants it removes from the previously "filtered" water.

H2oLabs Water Purification Systems are the BEST! H2oLabs TESTED as the BEST OVERALL Water Purification System in every category. Every model offered by H2O Labs has been rigorously tested and evaluated for dependability, ease of operation and maintenance, design, functionality, quality, economy, warranty, technical and customer support and customer satisfaction.

FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY PERIOD. H2oLabs sets the highest manufacturing quality standards and warrants every part of every unit for a complete year. Customers rest assured that if anything should go wrong with their unit, H2oLabs stands behind all systems with a 100% Parts and Labor warranty. That should tell you something about the quality of the products we sell.

LIFETIME Full Value Trade in GUARANTEE. When you want to move up from your H2oLabs brand four liter unit to a more automatic, higher capacity distillation system, you'll get FULL TRADE IN VALUE on your original H2oLabs distiller. The full amount you paid for the distiller, (excluding shipping), will be credited toward the regular retail price of any larger capacity distiller with reserve tank. (You also have the option to keep your one gallon unit and get 50% of it's value toward a larger system!) (Not valid in conjunction with any other sale pricing or promotional discount.)

H2oLabs professional before-during-and-after-the-sale Customer Service assistance. Your satisfaction is our #1 job, and also includes access to our "VIP Customer Information Pages" with special customer's only special offers and helpful tips to make your pure water making experience enjoyable and efficient, and free and automatic registration to receive important H2oLabs water information and news.

BEST VALUE GUARANTEE. There are some lower priced, similar looking units in the marketplace. Some are bargain basement or overstocked models that are outdated. Others are models that, for one reason or another, do not meet H2oLabs high quality standards. Ask if they are 2nds, refurbished or not the most recently updated model. Ask if they have a FULL 12 MONTH 100% Warranty, on ALL Parts AND Labor. Ask if they have a FULL VALUE LIFETIME trade in for upgraded units. Ask if their unit has been THOROUGHLY TESTED and USED DAILY by the people who sell them. If the answers to all those questions are "Yes" then you must be talking to H2oLabs, because we are the only water purification retailer who offers ALL of the above. (But, if you happen to find a unit that meets or exceeds all of these same quality standards, we will gladly refund any difference you paid for your unit.)

PROVE IT TO YOURSELF! You'll notice the health benefits and economic savings soon enough. But you won't have to wait even one day to be assured that you made the right decision to get your H2oLabs Home Water System. "Seeing is Believing" and you'll SEE FOR YOURSELF the very first time you use your H2oLabs Home Water System. You will be amazed at the amount of residue left after only one gallon of tap water has been processed. The pollutants are visibly noticeable as you discard them from the vapor chamber. Your mind will be made up at that moment. And after you take that first refreshing drink of truly clean and pure water, you will be convinced beyond any doubt that this is the water you will want to drink from now on. You owe it to yourself to get your H2oLabs Home Water System today. It's waiting in our warehouse to be shipped to you now. Don't wait any longer to begin drinking the PUREST WATER POSSIBLE right away.