Join the
Distillation Revolution!

Revolt against Contaminated Municipal Drinking Water!
Revolt against Inferior Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis!
Revolt against Bottled Water and Plastic Bottle Pollution!

Declaration of Independence
from Inferior Water

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for the People, to establish their right to drink pure water as Nature intended it to be, without the encumbrances of messy, expensive and bacteria-prone water filters or reverse osmosis systems;

  • And to abolish the tyranny of bottled water expense and inconvenience of obtaining it, and especially the resulting environmental consequences;
  • And to drink water that has been restored to it's original and purest form which is only possible by distillation and in accordance with the Laws of Nature.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • That ineffective faucet mounted filters, under-sink filters, pitcher filters and somewhat-more-effective reverse osmosis systems can mitigate the taste of tap water, but they do not remove all pollutants from the water, especially viruses, heavy metals or pharmaceuticals, and they become less effective with age and can become contaminated with bacteria if the filters or RO membranes are neglected;
  • That Bottled Water is usually regular tap water that has been filtered to improve taste but leaves many impurities remaining in the water, and is inconvenient and expensive to obtain, and is also responsible for the resulting plastic bottle pollution of our oceans and community landfills;
  • That the only way to create the very purest water is by evaporation and condensation as governed by the Laws of Nature, which remove all contaminants in the transformation into, and from vapor and only occurs naturally during the hydrologic cycle and in the process of distillation. No other method of water purification is as effective.

Be it hereby resolved that,

The right of the people to drink the very Purest Water, which is only possible by distillation, is hereby established and shall not be infringed.