Affiliate Terms and Conditions

To earn commissions as an H2oLabs affiliate you must provide accurate contact, tax id and web site information. We perform a web site review with each new affiliate to ensure your web site complements ours, and we will contact you with any questions we might have.

Affiliates and Dealers agree to maintain the highest standards of integrity and truthfulness in representing H2oLabs products.

Commissions range from 10% to 30% depending on sales volume and products sold.

As an Entry Level Affiliate, you are paid 10% of the sales amount from your customers that come to H2oLabs via your link. Commission checks are issued by the end of each month for the previous calendar month’s activity. Commissions are accumulated until they reach a minimum disbursement amount of £300. Please notify us when you reach the threshold so that we may review your account and initiate payment processing.

Your commissions will increase automatically.

When you reach £6,000, your status is upgraded from Entry Level Affiliate to Silver Level Affiliate and your commissions are increased to 20% for all four litre water distillers and related parts and accessories.

And when you reach £12,000 in commissioned sales, your status is upgraded from Silver Level Affiliate to Gold Level Affiliate and your commissions are increased from to 30% for all four litre water distillers and related parts and accessories. (Commissions on larger units, including qualifying automatic distillation systems, remain at 10%. Note that some products may not qualify for commissions due to manufacturer imposed limitations.)

Please do not become an Affiliate for the sole purpose of receiving a commission on products for your personal use. While it is acceptable for you to earn a commission on demo units for yourself, unless you generate additional sales from other people, no commission will be paid for personal purchases.

Terms and Conditions may change from time to time and you are advised to review them at least annually.

H2oLabs reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate at any time for any reason.