Activated Carbon Mega Pods - 6 Pack
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Activated Carbon Mega Pods - Six-Pack

NEW! Improved, longer-lasting Activated Carbon Pods for your distiller. (Replaces obsolete "Activated Carbon Sachets".) Lasts TWICE as long and contains THREE TIMES the amount of activated carbon as most other filters and sachets for four liter water distillers. Use for the very PUREST water. (Six-Pack is a year's supply.)

SKU: 300AC Weight: 0.20

Price: £29.50 (GBP) 

VAT Included: £4.92 (GBP)


Product Description:

Made from coconut shells. Safely removes any potential residual odor or taste. Also helps remove any remaining VOC gases. For all H2oLabs and Megahome models, and other water distillers with nozzle-type activated carbon filter housings. (Porcelain insert and nozzle not included. Can be used with or without a glass or porcelain insert.)

Eliminates VOCs more effectively than regular sachets and lasts longer. Also easier to install – just drop the pod into the nozzle, (no folding, etc.)

Each time a new Activated Carbon Pod is to be used for the first time, soak it in a cup of distilled water until it is saturated. (It is recommended to use distilled water in order to prevent contamination from regular water.)

Then dip the pod repeatedly into the cup of distilled water several times to remove any carbon dust. (Any activated carbon dust is harmless charcoal made from coconut shells.)

Insert the pod into the nozzle housing. Be sure to leave a little space at the bottom so it will not block water from exiting the outlet.

The Activated Carbon Pod helps to reduce any discernible taste or residual VOC gases.

Replace each Activated Carbon Pod every 2 months or after 60 distillation cycles, whichever occurs sooner. Also replace if there is any noticeable taste or odor. When not in use for more than 24 hours, store in a clean, dry place.

Fits H2oLabs and Megahome countertop units as well as other water distillers with nozzle type carbon housings.


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