Activated Carbon Mega Pods

Activated Carbon Filters for Model 700E

6 Pack Activated Carbon Pods for your Model 700E or Model 1000E automatic distiller. Also works well for many other automatic water distillers with cup style activated carbon housings. Replaces messy loose carbon with a convenient pod that simply drops into the cup.

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Product Description:

6 Pack - Activated Carbon Pods for Models 700E and 1000E. No more messy handling of loose carbon. Simply rinse pod in distilled water and drop into the carbon cup.

Each time a new Activated Carbon Pod is to be used for the first time, soak it in a cup of distilled water until it is saturated. (It is recommended to use distilled water in order to prevent contamination from regular water.)

Then dip the pod repeatedly into the cup of distilled water several times to remove any carbon dust. (Any activated carbon dust is harmless charcoal made from coconut shells.)

Insert the pod into the activated carbon media cup and your done! The quick, easy and clean way to change your activated carbon.

The Activated Carbon Pod helps to reduce any discernible taste or residual VOC gases.

For automatic systems, replace each Activated Carbon Pod monthly. Also replace earlier if there is any noticeable taste or odor.


Pre-Filter Cartridge with fittings

Pre-Filter Cartridge with fittings

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Collection/Serving Pitcher, White