Demand Pump Kit

Demand Pump Kit for Model 700E

Demand Pump Kit for Model 700E or other automatic water distillers, (except Durastill). Also includes pure water faucet, line and fittings. Add the convenience of remote water dispensing to any location. Pump is capable of feeding several tap, ice maker and refrigerator locations at distances of 100 feet or more.

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Product Description:

The demand pump can be installed on the side or back of the distiller or in any other convenient location. The distilled water spigot has an extra outlet in which to attach the water line to the pump inlet. Another water line is attached between the pump outlet and the pressure switch. The water line is then run from the pressure switch to the pure water faucet and/or to a refrigerator with cold water dispenser or automatic ice maker. (A simple UK plug adapter will be required in which to plug the AC/DC adapter in to.)